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8 September: Interview Portfolio Project & MLA Overview


I can explore career options I may be interested in pursuing after high school through basic research and formal writing (W 4, 7, & 9).

Entry Task:

As you come in, store all electronic devices and grab your binder and a sheet off the front table.

What’s Going On:

Today we will overview your unit project: Interview Portfolio Presentation. Follow along as we go over the project expectations, rubrics, and template.

A key component of this project is formally citing the sources of your research, so we will also go over the features and requirements of MLA citation using these guided notes and this presentation. Add these notes to the resources section of your binder.

Exit Task:

Return to your Career Search & Quickwrite assignment we previously completed in Google Classroom. Use the link you used to find information in your Career Card box to create an in-text and full-text citation. Share this information in a private comment on the assignment to show me you know how to create your citations before our work day tomorrow (5 assignment points).

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