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18 January: Group Quote Analysis


I can work with a group to analyze a variety of quotes and make connections to novel themes (RL 1, 2, & SL 1).

Entry Task:

As you come into class, get ready to play a Blooket to review the words from our second vocabulary quiz to study for our upcoming final.

What’s Going On:

Today, we will revisit some quotes as part of a small group quote analysis. Each group will be given a selection of quotes. Discuss which of our focus big ideas the quote fits with best and select two to focus on for analysis. You will create posters for each of your two focus quotes answering the analysis questions and adding an image related to your quote.

Exit Task:

Return to the quotes now that they have been placed on the chart, and if you feel the quote can fit into other big ideas, write the big idea word beside it.


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